With BioGuard® Products, pool care is easy.




The simple programs and products, plus the expert advice of your Davison Pool and Spa Services BioGuard ® pool care professional takes the guesswork out.

Davison Pool and Spa Services is Port Stephens official BioGuard® Poolside swimming pool and spa care specialist, trained and approved to give you expert advice and provide you with the right products and services to easily achieve perfect water.

When you use the recommended products, Davison Pool and Spa Services’ computerised Water Lab is a free service for you, to wave a magic wand over your swimming pool and spa..

Davison Pool and Spa Services, open 7 days a week throughout the swimming season, six days throughout the rest of the year.


Supplying quality products, service and advice.

Davison Pool and Spa Services is more than a one-stop water chemistry shop ...

We sell and service pool and spa equipment, too.An innovative product range featuring Australia's leading and most trusted brands - and the detailed knowledge and advice: it adds up to the best you can get!Pumps, filters, cleaners, chlorinators - we carry a complete and up-to-date range of quality swimming pool and spa equipment - and we know how to install it!

Maintenance and service? We have the tools - and we know how to use them!

Spare parts for a wide range of equipment? Yes!

Accessories to add to your pool and spa enjoyment? Yes again!

Fantastic gift ideas for added fun in the pool? Absolutely!

Come in and browse, pick up the phone or send us an email.

Even if Davison Pool and Spa Services didn't supply your existing pool or spa equipment, we can keep your water running reliably and efficiently with expert service and repairs. And invaluable advice on routine maintenance procedures.