Once-A-Week Poolcare. What could be easier?

The BioGuard® Once-A-Week Poolcare Program is the easiest way to keep your pool sparkling clean. In just 5 minutes a week (or less), you can add all the products your pool needs. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with once-a-week simplicity!

  1. BioGuard® Smart Sticks® for continuous sanitation.
  2. BioGuard® Lite for sparkling water.
  3. BioGuard® Back Up Algae Inhibitor II to prevent algae growth.

Step 1: Use BioGuard® Smart Sticks® to sanitise to kill bacteria continuously

  • BioGuard® Smart Sticks® kill bacteria continuously by maintaining the proper chlorine level in your pool.
  • Smart Sticks contain Smart Guard, which prevents them from dissolving too fast - Smart Sticks last all week, and up to twice as long as ordinary chlorine.
  • Smart Sticks are easy on pool surfaces, pumps, filters and other equipment and can be used all year round.

Step 2: Add BioGuard® Lite to remove non-filterable wastes and keep pool water sparkling clear

  • BioGuard® Lite gives you the benefit of both an oxidiser and clarifier in one.
  • Lite requires no mixing - it's added directly to your pool and dissolves almost instantly to begin its work destroying wastes and odours.
  • Unlike other shock treatments, swimmers can return to the pool within 15 minutes after application.

Step 3: Add BioGuard® Back Up Algae Inhibitor II to prevent algae

  • BioGuard® Back Up II works with Smart Sticks and Lite to prevent algae before it starts.
  • Back Up II clears water and offers protection throughout the week.
  • It won't stain pool surfaces.
  • Back Up II won't evaporate.
  • Ideal for controlling mustard algae.
  • Highly concentrated formula