Why Choose Us?

We have state of the art equipment to test your water, we take photos of every pool we clean so your pool has an in depth history. We are experts in our field, in business for 40 years, our staff are certified pool technicians, and licenced electricians so we can inspect and report on equipment with ease.

Our prices are competitive and we have a loyalty program for all of our customers. We have the best in pool automation technology and are the warranty agent for all major brands


Davison Pool and Spa Services is Port Stephens official BioGuard® Poolside swimming pool and spa care specialist, trained and approved to give you expert advice and provide you with the right products and services to easily achieve perfect water.

When you use the recommended products, Davison Pool and Spa Services’ computerised Water Lab is a free service for you, to wave a magic wand over your swimming pool and spa..

Davison Pool and Spa Services, open 7 days a week throughout the swimming season, six days throughout the rest of the year.